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Clean and improve the car interior trim and maintenance tips

Time:2017-07-21 Views:1747
Sina tianjin automobile (weibo) a clean and clean and comfortable driving environment can not only prolong the life of the interior, but also improve the driving mood. Car maintenance is important, a summary of the experience of car interior maintenance. 
1, seat 
The seat portion of the general vehicle takes up most of the car and is one of the most exposed parts of the car. When the seat is not very dirty, it is suggested to use the brush with long hair and suction strong vacuum cleaner to cooperate, brush the seat surface on the side to use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out. 
High-end cars use leather seats, which are comfortable and dignified, and have a long life. Genuine leather is a natural thing, which should not be taken lightly. General chemical cleaning agent is best not to be used casually, should choose alkaline cleanser, resemble soapy water, wash after washing and use cotton towel to dry. 
For fabric chairs, it‘s relatively easy to handle. It is recommended that the new car should be cleaned when it is bought, and it must be dry immediately so that there is no trace in it. Normally use professional cleaning agent to clean the protection, if accidentally drops on juice or coffee and other colored liquid, suggest you wash away in time, in order to keep the car clean and tidy. 
2. Dashboard 
Another important part of the car interior is a dashboard each car will directly face, how clean it is people on to check the main part of the concern when the car is clean. If you look at the dashboard a little bit, you will find that only the sponges and sponges can clean up very little, and that these trenches need "special tools" to clean them up. Ordinary car beauty shop will have the tool to clean the car interior decoration to sell, such as cleaning air conditioning out of the air outlet special cleaning strip. 
In addition, the dashboard is mostly plastic material, in the sunlight ultraviolet and the ozone in the air, the time is long plastic material will appear ageing, embrittlement, crack and so on. To reduce the aging of these plastic parts, you can apply a layer of clean water wax to the dashboard. Water wax can effectively prolong the life of plastic material. 
3. Vehicle carpet 
The most dirt in a car is the carpet, and the carpet is also the door of the car owner. The carpeting of high-end cars is basically the same as the car, it is not easy to remove and clean, so it is better to put the active foot pads in the car. If the pad is dirty, just grab the car and slap it or wash it. 
Ordinary vehicles equipped with rubber can effectively make the vehicle interior floor clean, but as for installed after the glue taste different impact on the vehicles ploughing this opinion, guess again. 
4. Vehicle canopy 
After a long period of use, the car can accumulate a lot of dust in the humble place, which is often the place where daily cleaning can‘t be taken care of. 
Canopy cleaning methods are usually with high power vacuum cleaner and brush to clean large area, and then use neutral detergent emphatically dirt centralized place, finally comprehensive clean again. But must pay attention to is the car of filler in the canopy is heat insulation sound-absorbing material, water absorbing capacity is very strong, clean dishcloth must dry, or wet dishcloth to soak the roof materials it is difficult to dry. 
5. Other interior decorations 
For the car‘s steering wheel and transmission, brake and other parts, you can use a toothbrush or stained with interior cleaner liquid suction clean dishcloth, finally the best coating spraying on the windshield glass products, in order to prevent the rain and snow days or driving window of fog in winter. 
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