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Packaging bag printing process
29 2023-09-23

First, make a plate. According to the order, design the printed rendering of the packaging bag according to the customer‘s requirements, confirm with the customer, and then hand it over to a professional plate maker. Based on the color, printing, and other aspects of the designed packaging bag, seal engraving is generally laser engraving, and each color requires a separate mold because each color needs to be layered. Generally, packaging bag printing is mostly done in 4-5 colors, The more complex the production, the higher the relative cost. Generally, the price calculation is based on the number of templates produced. The engraved template rolls are stored in these numbered boxes, and printing is done randomly. The plate making process usually takes about 7 days. Plastic bag printing can be divided into single-sided or double-sided printing, as well as color differentiation. For example, in supermarket shopping bags, it is most common to have one or two colors on one or both sides, with one color corresponding to one plate. However, it is not possible to have the same color on both sides and share the same plate, which is not feasible. For example, if two colors on each side are used, four plates need to be made. Plastic bag printing is generally gravure printing, using mostly copper plates, but there are also rubber plates. The packaging bag printing unit installs the plate and roll material, adjusts the ink, and can start printing.

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