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Science popularization - fully biodegradable packaging bags
39 2023-09-23
Classification of fully degradable packaging - fully degradable express packaging: kraft paper/co extruded film express bags, inflatable films, bubble bags, etc./fully degradable daily packaging: garbage bags, shopping bags, self sealing bone bags

All biodegradable bag products are made of fully biodegradable materials, and bag products mainly use PLA and PBAT as the main materials

Performance comparison: The fully biodegradable bag has strict quality control in terms of product performance, such as load-bearing, temperature resistance, moisture-proof, buffering, etc., ensuring that the product has usage characteristics comparable to traditional similar products

Under industrial composting conditions, fully degradable bags can complete complete complete degradation within 90-180 days

Having internationally recognized and recognized "degradable material products" seedling icons, DIN and BPI certification certificates

Price comparison: Compared to traditional flexible packaging, fully biodegradable packaging products are more expensive and have higher minimum order requirements, making them suitable for customized brand products and export demand groups

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